All about Pipes!

Piper lost a second tooth this past week!  It really wasn't ready but she wanted it out.  I think because other friends of hers have lost several of their teeth already!  I'm glad it's out because we have a dental appointment coming up and there is a tooth coming in right behind there so it was going to need to be pulled pretty soon.  This saved us some time, money and tears with Dr. Fluellen!  She did come home one day and say "Nora's daddy pulled her tooth out and she didn't even cry!"  So Michael agreed to pull it but he got these little pliers out and worked on it.  I could hear the drama unfolding while they were in the back of the house!  At one point, a tearful Piper came to me and said "Mommy I need a hug!"  So I gave her a hug and she went back.  Then a second time she came running to me and said, "I need one more hug!"  So I gave her a second hug and then minutes later I heard the screaming and crying that follows a tooth being pulled!  She wanted to be brave and do it it like Nora I think!  After a few moments of screaming and crying, she was happy and so proud of herself once again!  

 Piper was picked to be Star Student of the Week this past Friday.  The Star Student gets to bring home Wally.  This shaggy lion that I wonder if it has been washed!  And she'll get to do some fun things every day in class as Star Student.  aka...homework for mommy!  Yay!
On Superbowl Sunday, we had some families come over.  There were 16 children ages, 9 and under at our house!  Beforehand, Piper taped a few notes on her door.  The second one cracked me up!  "Stop in the name of 'the' love!"  Hahaha!!!
Some notes on P:  Her teacher is on maternity leave and she's cried a handful of times that she misses her.  Piper gets attached to people easily and quickly!  She already loves the substitute as well!  She is definitely a social butterfly and very loud and very vocal about what's happening in her life.  Sounds a lot like mommy!  She likes being a big sister who shares a room with a baby!  And I pray these girls will be best friends!  Sisters are the best!  Piper is independent but wants to please you and tends to be a follower.  She is a great eater but really loathes applesauce, mashed potatoes, and bananas!  She loves being active-riding her bike, scooter, climbing trees, running, and playing soccer!  We loves our Pipesy!  

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