This Freezing Cold Week!!

It's been chilly around here and Piper was out of school two days on Monday and Tuesday for a minor ice storm so we might be going craaaazy!  Not really, but a little!  I enjoyed the down time and no scheduled activities! Plus Michael was off work the first day because they didn't open the offices in order to keep everyone safe!   

 On Monday, Piper enjoyed "sledding" down our driveway over and over!  It was all ice, expect for the side Michael salted.  Briggs would not set foot outside.  He and cold weather are not friends.  Not one bit!

 Instead he stayed inside in his jammies all day!  And he loves coloring all of sudden!  So much so, he colors with both hands at the same time!  What does this mean about his level of genius-ness!?!
 Monday, Piper just wanted to play with friends.  The ice day was too exciting to be spent alone with her brother!  Mimi, from down the street, came over for about an hour.  The sledding was too mushy by then so they begged to "create" a recipe.  Together they decided on soup.  It consisted of tomato sauce, carrots, spinach, and broccolli.  They heated it in the microwave and took a bite.  One bite. Because it was just as tasty as it sounds!  Ha!
 We all enjoyed Daddy being home Monday!
 The rest of the week has been spent mostly inside because it is cold.  So I have gotten a lot of snuggle time with this pretty love bug who loves giving me smiles and what sounds like an "almost" laugh!  So cute!

 We haven't settled on a nickname but I've been calling her "the baby" a lot.  Charming, yes I know.  But "Sweet Cheeks," "Love Bug," and "Rosie Red Cheeks" have been used quite a bit.

Briggs has had a couple of playdates this week.  One of which was with his friend, Weston, aka Spiderman!  These pictures crack.me.up!  Look at the giant who needs longer pants!  Hahahahaha!!!
 When I fed them both lunch, I told Weston "You need to take off your mask so you can eat."  But he either didn't hear me or didn't believe me because he kept trying to eat a cracker through the mask over and over as I patiently watched.  Finally he stopped and said, "It's not working."  So without dying laughing I had to remind him to take the mask off.  Silly boy!

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