Briggs has been a lot of fun lately!  He is really a big kid now!  I still think of him as a two year old a lot of times but he's not!  His mind is always thinking and he is soaking everything up!  He's finally begun to tell me things he's learning at school and he is becoming quite vocal about what he wants or needs.  And he is starting to tell me things he remembers from a year ago!  Which I feel like it has taken forever for him to verbalize his memories!  Actually, he's becoming a chatterbox like his sister and his mama!  Michael has no hope for a quiet house!  
 On the last day of January I took Briggs and Emerson to the Perot museum.  Our membership expired that day and I'm waiting to see if I want to renew it.  I think I probably will because Briggs loves it so much.  He calls it the "Heerow" museum and absolutely loves the dinosaur floor!  Dinosaurs are one of his favorite things!  A week after taking Briggs to the Perot, out of the blue, he said "Thank you for taking me to the Heerow museum mommy.  I wuv the dinosaurs!"
 He really loves his buddy Asher and after having Emerson, he talked a lot about missing Asher!  We finally had Asher over to our house several weeks after Emerson was born!  Briggs almost didn't remember how to act when we have a guest.  He was so excited about it, that he was almost annoying Asher with everything he did!
 Recently he came down with some flu-like virus.  He was miserable!  And his eyes looked awful!

 His second favorite buddy would be Yellow Bear!  He received Yellow Bear (yes, that is his name!) when he was born from a friend in Ardmore and he's a fixture in our family now after 4+ years!
Right now Briggs is 41 pounds.  I do not know his height.  He loves ninja turtles, cars, Legos, robots, super heros, talking about the "Earf" (earth) and asking who made the sun, clouds, etc!  He is a smart little cookie! He's pretty much a terrible eater and loves to stress his mama out in that area!  But we are working on it!  He loves his sisters.  He wants Daddy to read him his bed time story and tuck him in every night!  And, I think he might still need mommy to put his tennis shoes on when he's in 5th grade!  We are working on that slowly as well!  He is in a big boy booster seat now with the regular seat belt.  And, we are working on learning some letters here and there!  I cannot believe we only have one more school year together at home!  I love my Briggsey Bear!

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