Sweet Emerson is growing and changing so quickly!  She has the best smile and coos!  I love having a baby in our home!
 Briggs is just about the best big brother.  He grows more fond of his baby sister every week!
 Piper is relishing in the fact we get to have play dates again in our house.  She invited a friend over on Sunday and they had a great time!

Piper also was invited to Nora's for her first sleep over since we've lived in Texas! Nora's poor parents had to deal with two uber-excited 6 year olds who only get crazier and crazier when they are around each other!  Kate had some funny stories to share!
Uncle Matt and his gang stopped by on Sunday.  Emerson was fussy because her naps were all messed up from church.  The baby whisperer gently got her back to sleep!  He's welcome every Sunday afternoon now!

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