Valentine's Weekend 2015

 To begin the Valentine's Weekend, Piper had a fun class party that I got to drop in on for a few minutes.  It was a surprise to her so she was pretty pumped!  She might have been the loudest one in the class.  Which, should I be surprised!?!  It may be genetic!

 On Saturday, after Piper returned from her sleepover, we loaded everyone in the van to go shop for a washer and dryer!  I really thought the trip might be a disaster considering A) no one in our family likes shopping trips; B) Piper hadn't slept much the night before; and C) Three kids shopping for appliances...fun...not!  However, I am happy to report that it went really well!  Sure, my kids might have been loud a time or two and the baby fussed a lot unless I held her, but we spent almost three hours out and at the end Piper said "That was so much fun!  Thank you for taking us!"  (Insert jaw dropping here!)  You can tell by the picture above, Piper & Briggs were creative with playing in the store!  And I will be getting my new goods at the end of the week!  Yay for a washer that will work properly!
 The rest of the afternoon was spent basking in the beautiful, sunny weather and playing outdoors! Oh, it was gorgeous!  Instead of going out to eat for Valentine's Day, Michael suggested we grill out and have a picnic.  He organized it and I helped. Together we had a meal and a great time with our kids!  We gave them little gifts and just talked and acted silly together as a family.  These simple times are my absolute favorite!  I know later in life I will look back on these moments fondly!  When the sun was setting and we were getting everyone inside to prepare for bedtime, Piper said, "Wow! That was much more exciting than I expected!"  Ha!
 Emerson's first Valentine!
 And selfie city with everyone!

Love these Little Levy's...and the big one too!

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