Piper is EIGHT!!!!!

The last look at my 7 year old on April 29, 2015!!
Sniff, sniff!
And here is my 8 year old!  She got to open a present that morning right before her soccer game that ended up being canceled due to rain!  
Briggs had his last soccer game and end of year party on her birthday!
He likes playing unless it is hot!  But I think having his buddy, Asher on the team, is an incentive!
That afternoon, Piper had a softball game.  She was catcher for the first time!
This one was worn out from all the fun up to that point!
Piper invited Nora to dinner with us.  She chose Spring Creek BBQ as her birthday dinner.
And after, we ate yogurt at Yummilicious!  And played outside in the courtyard area!
These two were nuts!
Piper sure knows how to laugh, get others to laugh, and desperately wants to have a fun, social time... All The Time!  She is tender hearted, feels very deeply, and does not like any kind of injustice to her or a friend!  She is a bit crazy, dramatic, silly, strong willed, and stubborn!  But, look at that sweet smile!  I love her to death, would do anything for her, and cannot wait to see how the Lord continues molding and shaping her!  Happy Birthday Pipes!  

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