Mother's Day 2016

Briggs' preschool hosted a Mother's Day Tea for us.  Briggs and his classmates helped prepare the food before we arrived and they prepared two songs to sing to us.  It was so so adorable!  Briggs was very proud to be able to serve me and have me at his school.  He is so sweet!

I love these kind of questionnaires for kids!
Bringing me my food!
On Mother's Day, we attended church and then ate at Chicken Scratch in Dallas.  Unfortunately, it began to rain on us but we still enjoyed it!  The kids loved roaming around and playing! 

 Emerson has begun laying down on the ground a lot!
 Piper being goofy!!
God has blessed me with these kids!  It is so hard to be a mama but I don't want to be doing anything else!  Each one has a unique personality and a unique presence in this family!  Piper is our comedian and social bug!  Briggs is our sweet, snuggly encourager!  Emerson--well, her exact personality is still waiting to be determined but she makes us laugh, keeps us humble, reminds us to be thankful, and keeps us on our toes!  Love my 3 kiddos!

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