Piper has started playing softball!
The verdict is still out on whether she really truly likes it.  But she's been doing pretty well!!
Nora and Piper after a game.
This picture makes me laugh!  Briggs looks kind of like a doofus, but is really loving the moment!  And Emerson looks like "why do I have to be with the stinky boys?"  Kate took this of our kids one morning while she watched them for me!  
This little one likes to throw a big walloping fit about once every 10 days or so in which she cries so much and so long I have no other choice but to get her out of bed and hang out with me until 10 pm!  Plus my patience wears thin listening to her in there longer than 30 minutes!  She usually goes down fairly well most nights but she has this thing 3-4 times a month when she doesn't do it so easily!  But she sure is cute!

I get all sentimental when I see this picture because it reminds me that I have this little blessing!  By the time she came around, the Bigs had outgrown this car.  It's sweet to see it be put to use again one last time!
There's been a lot of this going on.  Sheesh!
Briggs had the best dental checkup he's ever had!  He finally agreed to getting xrays of his teeth!  He has matured and mellowed out so much this past year!  Such a huge praise!  And, it looks like he's going to have some wiggly teeth soon!
Maggie and Piper spending time together.  Maggie gave Piper a coupon book to spend time together and Piper cashed in her first coupon this month!  They walked together to the donut shop!  Cuties!
Fun at the grocery store!
Piper is a little comedian!  She got out of the shower and came to the kitchen looking like this and said "Hey Mom, I'm Crystal Gayle's daughter!"  Earlier this year, I told her about Crystal Gayle and her long hair and she has been obsessed ever since!  Ha!
This is Cece and Emerson is obsessed with her!  She gets right up to her and pats her (or pokes her eye or sticks her finger in her mouth...) and says "Hi Bay-bee!"  It is so cute and so funny!  
We found Emerson in Cece's swing once all chilled and relaxed!  Haha!
One morning, Emerson walked into the living room where Briggs was watching some morning cartoons, plopped down on the floor, crossed her legs, and just watched the television...for 10 seconds.  It was cute though!

Briggs--bless his heart!  He wants to ride his bike.  But he doesn't.  So we are trying to encourage him to ride it more!
Emerson is 16 months now!
Piper and I got to attend a mother/daughter pj party at church one night.  This is her teacher, Ms. Lauren.
And I don't know if she purposefully placed her two balloons like that or it was by accident.  Knowing Piper, it was either!
Emerson loves to write and scribble.  And loves wearing her sunglasses!  She is going to color on my walls soon.  I just know it!!!
Grandma was watching Emerson one day for me and she fell asleep in her high chair.  First time ever!  Then slept on the couch for a little bit!  First time ever!
Lots of rain = lots of mud!
Michael has been traveling A LOT for a project he's on for work.  So I documented the morning I was able to get all four of us ready and out the door for Moms and Muffins at Piper's school by 7:15!!  
Briggsey Bear-oni!  He's so fun!
Our friend, Thomas, has been coming over to our house more.  I love this kid.  He is the sweetest and he really loves me!  Last time he was over, he said he was going to buy me a Christmas present and he tells Briggs and me he loves us!  So cute!
And Emerson loves Thomas too!

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