May Fun!

Briggs and Asher at school!  Haha!  Skipper and Gilligan!  
Thomas and Briggs at the zoo!  Thomas always tells me, "Miss Shelly, I'm going to buy you a Christmas present!  I'm going to get you a phone that has a computer on it so you don't have to have a big computer and a phone, but you can have both of those things on one!"  I dare not tell him I already have that!  So sweet!
Piper changed her look a bit!
I've had a special helper lately while doing yard work!
And Briggs looks kind of evil-sneaky as he helps me mix up some brownies!  Ha!
Piper and I attended the symphony thanks to Briggs winning tickets at Whole Foods!
Arrrr Matey!
Batman appeared at school for dress up day!
Cheezer Face is at it again!
Uh-oh!  Someone found the red lipstick and ate half the tube!  
Thankfully, it didn't get ground into the carpet or grout!
These two were on a date to the rock concert!  Their words, not mine!  Ha!!