8 weeks old

Piper is officially 2 months old! She has her 2 month shots next Wednesday...boo hoo! I really love this outfit on her. Thanks Ame! In celebration of her 8 weeks of life I thought I'd write 8 of my favorite things about her or things that she does.

1. Smile! It just melts my heart when she gives me a big gummy grin!
2. Sleep...I love watching her sleep. She makes all these cute noises. And, when she was itty bitty at first, I loved just holding her as she slept. It was so calming.
3. Her Lips...She has beautiful, plump lips
4. Stares at the lights. She loves looking at lights indoors or outdoors and she will crane her neck back to look at them!
5. Recognizes Mommy and Daddy's voice.
6. Her plump looking belly. She's my chunky monkey!
7. Calm nature. She is so relaxed for most of the day unless it is her fussy time at night or if it is nap time and she is sleepy.
8. Coo's. I could listen to her 'talk' for hours. The gurglings are so sweet!

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Ame... said...

She does look adorable...purple looks good on her!