Piper's 1st Trip to Oklahoma

Piper and I made our first trip to Oklahoma! It was a little "last minute" but it worked out great! Sheryl, my sister, and Paige, our niece rode with me to Edmond and on the way back Sherry, Michael's mom, came along! It was a great week for me and Piper was a wonderful traveler. I really miss being in Oklahoma and wish everyone just lived down the street! We stayed at Sheryl's, in Edmond, for 3 nights and then stayed in Clinton, at Sherry's, for 2 nights. In addition to seeing my sister and her family, we were able to see Piper's great grandparents, 2 great aunts, Aunt Valerie, her cousins Mason and Garrison, Grammy and Papa John, Grandma Judy and Papa, and Aunt Cha Cha and Lilly! Whew...did I leave anyone off the list?? We were busy!

These pics are in no particular order!

Here is Piper and Lilly in their matching dresses! Aren't they adorable and look at Piper smiling!! I love it! Chandra took even better pics of the two. I can't wait for her to email me those pictures! It was fun seeing Chandra and Lilly. We drove to their new house in OKC on Monday. Chandra and Rusty have done a lot to fix it up! We ate lunch there and a college friend, Sonya, came by to meet Piper. It was good to see Sonya and later I realized that I forgot to take a picture of her holding Piper! On Wednesday morning, Chandra and Lilly came over to Sheryl's house. It was fun to hang out. I wish we lived in the same town!!!
One of my favorite pics of Piper! This picture says it all about her personality...calm and content (most of the time!)
I love this one too! Grammy and Papa John...This picture was actually taken in Tyler. They live in Clinton, OK. While we were in Clinton we also saw Aunt Valerie, and Piper's cousins, Mason and Garrison. I, unfortunately, did not take pictures of them either. Yes, I have a mom brain now!
Leaving for our first big road trip. (Our first short road trip was to Grandma and Grandpa Levy's house. I didn't take good pictures that day!)
This is the day we arrived back home. Michael had made a welcome sign and hung it in the dining room.
This is my Grandma Allen. We also call her Grandma Bill. Piper is wearing the onesie Grandma made at one of my baby showers. It says "I love my Great Grandma." Grandma is 90 years old! Doesn't she look great!
Aunt Sheryl...
Uncle Trebor, Aunt Sheryl, and Piper in Edmond.
Mommy and Piper...
This is Michael's grandma, Homa. Homa lives in Corn, Oklahoma.
This is Michael's Aunt Judy. Piper is going to call her Aunt JuJu, I think! She lives in Edmond too!
These are her cousins-Seth, Olivia, Paige holding Piper, and Anna.
This is Grandpa Bill. Piper is smiling--I love it! Grandma and Grandpa Bill live in Drummond, OK. We arrived early in the morning and stayed for lunch. While we were there, we also saw my aunt Kay (the picture I took did not turn out.) and my cousin, Sarah. Grandpa's face lit up when he was holding her. He is going to be 97 in December and looks so good!We also saw my parents and my brother, Allen. It was Allen and Dad's 1st time to see Piper in person. They live in Fargo, OK but we did not get to go to there house. We met them in Woodward and ate dinner. All three of them have been ill and we didn't want to risk Piper getting ill. I was sad that they didn't get to spend more time with Piper b/c we don't get to see each other often. We'll be visiting them again later this summer!
After a week like last week, it will be kind of boring around here!!!


Jen said...

Ok, the picture of Piper and Grandpa Bill is probably my favorite picture of her ever! So cute!

Olivia said...

This is the BEST picture...what a wonderful memory and moment for Piper and her grandpa!