Video of Piper

Piper slept through the night again! 3 nights in a row!!

Michael and I had our first "real" date last night since Piper was born. Our friend, Brittany, offered to watch her so we dropped Piper off for a couple of hours and grabbed a bite to eat and ran some errands. I guess running errands isn't really a date but I'm going to count it as one just b/c we didn't have Piper with us! This is a busy week for the both of us so it was nice to have some down time with each other. Thanks Auntie B!!

Michael has put his production skills to good use and produced a cute little video of Piper talking and smiling! You'll want to watch it more than once! Just in the past few days she has started being a lot more vocal during the day. I think this clip is about 2 1/2 min. long. Enjoy!!

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Chandra said...

Too Cute! Shelly, she is getting so big and has changed so much. I can't wait to see her again. I about started to cry watching the video.

Love Aunt Chandra