At the Lake

On Saturday, we went to Grandpa and Grandma Levy's house. They live by the lake near Corsicana, TX. It doesn't take us long to get there. This was Piper's 2nd time to visit them. Grandpa just purchased a jet ski so Michael and I had fun on that while Grandpa spent time with Piper. I, also, was able to lay out a little bit when Piper wasn't being fussy! I tried putting Piper in the pool to see what she would do and she did not like it as evidenced by her scream! We'll have to work on that!! Here are some pics...

Grandpa holding Piper in front of the water. She's asleep!
Daddy, Grandpa, and Piper. Piper likes something on the ceiling!
Sleeping Beauty! The water must be calming to her.

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Jen said...

I bet Piper was looking at a light in that middle picture!

And, Yay! for her sleeping through the night a bit! That's certainly the first step. Congrats to you both!