My Social Butterfly

Well, yesterday was a busy day for the Levy ladies! Piper is starting out young being a social butterfly. Everywhere we went, she was the talk of the town! To start off our day, we went to the Andy Woods staff celebration luncheon. I was finally able to bring Piper to work to show her off because all the kids are gone for summer break. I didn't want to bring her to work before school was out b/c she hasn't had her shots and who can resist touching a baby! We had fun and Piper was so relaxed and content. She slept a little but mostly just observed everything around her. I wish I knew what she was thinking! Then, yesterday evening we went to the rehearsal dinner for our friends Jon and Brittany! They are getting married today and Michael is a groomsmen. Piper received the attention of almost everyone in the room. It is so funny to see what happens to people when a baby enters the room!

Piper was completely off her schedule for most of the day, but I actually was very calm about it-surprisingly! I think by the end of the night, Piper was wiped out! In the back of my mind, I really thought we would have a horrible night b/c of the lack of structure during the day and I would be having a nervous breakdown this morning from lack of sleep but the Lord really blessed us last night with great sleep! I got her home around 9:30 pm. She ate and fussed for a while but finally fell asleep around 10:45 pm and did not wake up again until 3:30 am to eat!! It was a great night. I woke her up at 6 am this morning to eat and begin our day! What a great night!

Today we have a brunch to attend and then tonight the Flynn family is going to watch Piper while we are at the wedding. The Flynn's are our Sunday school teachers. It will be Piper's first babysitting experience!! I'm excited about it! After the wedding, my sister's family will be arriving to spend the weekend with us! Piper will finally meet the rest of her cousins and her Uncle Trebor!

Here is Daddy and Piper at the rehearsal dinner! My two favorite people!!

This is our friend Jon Rutherford with Michael. He is originally from Midwest City, OK. We met him at the gym when we first moved to Tyler.
And, here we all are. This is Jon's beautiful bride, Brittany! We're so excited for them!! (Look how Piper is staring at Brittany!)
Now, here are some of my co-workers! From left is Marji, Tina, and Nanci with Piper.
And, finally here is Patti, Becky, and Connie with Piper. Piper likes them all!

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