Happy Father's Day Daddy!

Here are pictures of Michael's 1st Father's Day. It was very low key. I made brunch and we enjoyed some time with his mom and John before they headed back to Oklahoma. Michael took a nap and the rest of the day has been spent relaxing. Oh, and Michael opened his presents!!

Piper loves her Daddy! They are sitting in the rocking chair in her room.
We couldn't get her to smile for any of these pictures!
Isn't Piper changing!! I can't believe it. I was looking through all the pics we've taken of her and it is unbelievable to me as well as exciting and sad at the same time! The Levy life has been quite busy this past week! Not only did we make a trip to OK this week, but Michael celebrated his 5th anniversary at CB&I, we celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary, and Piper turned 6 weeks old. BUT, the biggest thing that happened this week was that Piper began SMILING intentionally this week!!! How Fun!! And the second biggest thing that happened was she has dropped a night feeding and is almost sleeping through the night! One night she went from 9-5 without eating. That night I think she slept from 11:30-5! Then last night she slept from 12-6!! We are so close!!! Her last feeding is usually at 9 pm and then she wakes up between 3 am and 5 am to eat again. If she wakes up at 5 am, then I count that as her 1st feeding of the day; otherwise, her first feeding is at 6 am. Anyway, with all that said there was a lot going on!


Jen said...

Happy Father's Day Michael!! I hope it was wonderful!

Yay Piper for almost sleeping through the night!

Hannah E. said...

Good pics! Excited to hang out in a couple of day!

I tagged you, check out my blog to know more.

Hannah E. said...

Make that "days"....oops