On Sunday, while Michael and I were getting ready for church, Miss Thang decided to play dress up w/my pajama shorts. She put them over her head! I was impressed with her coordination. Smile big! She's been going 'nakey' around here a lot lately! We are THAT family who lets their child play in the driveway w/a diaper on!
Pretty cute, little ham!
Piper has been going through a really long phase of fussing, clinging, crying...a general unhappy demeanor (unless she's at someone else's house!). But this week she's been much happier. I know she is cutting all four of her 1st yr. molars right now and from our past teething experiences, she doesn't handle it well! One broke through at the end of last week so I'm attributing her happier self to that! She's still crawling all over the place but she has been using her push walker much more! We stood outside on the driveway for about 45 minutes the other night while she pushed her baby stroller around pretty much the entire time! Piper really likes going to the pool and splashing! She gets mad after a while and wants us to let go of her so she can swim on her own! We, obviously, don't let go! I decided to start bathing her in the kitchen sink this week since she hates the tub still. It's quicker and easy to stand up instead of leaning down. Well, I should have tried this sooner b/c she LOVES it! So we are going to continue sink baths for a while b/c it makes for a happier baby and happier mommy! She played for at least 30 min. tonight in the sink while I loaded dishes and cleaned the kitchen! She also has not been crying when I leave her at the church nursery and she cries for maybe 30 seconds when I leave her at the YMCA nursery. That's a major, major praise!! I hope it continues!

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