Happy 4th, Travel Time, & Everything In Between!

My little firecracker enjoying her grapes at our church's 4th of July picnic. Lilly and Piper playing together at our house. The Roush's came to our house for the 4th of July weekend. It was fun to hang out! Piper got to stay up and watch fireworks for the 1st time in her life. She started clapping when she saw them! (I didn't get any pics of the girls in their festive dresses but Chandra did w/her cool, new camera! I'm hoping to get those emailed to me someday!! :-)
Best friends in the making?!?!? (Lilly just woke up from a long nap!)
Lilly looking cute!
After helping host a baby shower for my friend Sonya (in OKC), Piper and I headed out to visit my parents and grandparents. We had not been in a while. This is Piper w/her Great Grandpa Allen. She snuggled up to him as soon as she saw him!
And Piper, snuggling w/her Great Grandma Allen. We stayed at there house for about 1 1/2 hrs. and she tried to get into everything they had! Whew!
Piper, right after she woke up, sitting in her travel high chair at my parents house. She was in a bit of a fog!
Piper is still walking along the furniture and w/her walker toys. She is also pushing off her hands to the standing pushing without holding onto anything. She is getting very close to walking. There have been two times when she has taken 1 step without holding on but she falls down as soon as she does it! I'm going on a trip next week w/my girlfriends and I'm praying she doesn't walk while I'm away! I will be so sad! This is her holding onto two walkers instead of one. She thinks needs two things to support her as she goes along!!
Get out of my way people!
One day last week, she crawled into the TV cabinet and I would shut the door on her and play peek-a-boo! We had a lot of fun being silly!
She knows she's cute!
July has been fun and quite hot! I feel like we have been stuck inside more b/c of the 110 degree heat! Which can present a challenge in entertaining a 1 yr. old! Piper did get to enjoy her first VBS! I don't know if she really enjoyed it or not b/c she was crying 3 out of the 5 days I picked her up! I helped in the 3 yr. old class and by the end felt like a crazy, tired person! Piper is liking the water finally! When she gets into the pool she just wants to swim off all by herself and gets frustrated that we hold onto her! That is much different from the beginning of the summer when she clung to my neck as soon as we got in the water! She even crawled up next to the spraying water at the splash pad in the park without fussing! That, my friends, has never happened! One week she started eating fruit so well...the best she has ever eaten it and quite a variety for her! But now, this week, she hates all fruits! She will not eat one thing; plus, she won't eat any meat or veggie I give her! She is only eating carbs and dairy! Hopefully, this is a short phase!

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