Coldplay & My Nashville Getaway!

Every year, 5 of us from college go on a little trip together. We are kind of like sisters (that was sort of the theme this year! We love like sisters, fight like sisters, and talk to each other like sisters!) Kat lives in Nashville so we drove there to see her and hang out! It was really fun and relaxing. I did have a minor meltdown on the way home but other than that it was a perfect trip! We shopped, ate yummy food, talked and talked, & even had time for massages! From left is Lindsey, Kari, Chandra, Katherine, & me. Me & Kat!
The night before I left for Nashville, Michael & I drove to Dallas to see Coldplay in concert. We didn't get home until 2:30 am but it was worth it b/c it was awesome!
My eyes were a little buggy!!

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