18 months

18 months has come way too fast for me!
26.7 pounds (50th %tile)
34 inches long (90th-ish %tile)

Briggs is such a little trooper.  He has been sick a lot the past few months but he's finally starting to come out of it!  His new pediatrician has been excellent about teaching me more regarding his sensitive skin and over reactive immune system!  For the first time, I have a doctor who is prescribing a great cream for his eczema instead of just using lotion or hydrocortisone and she has him on allergy meds to help the fluid in his lungs not to get out of control!  She's also prepared me for bug bites and sunscreen option for his sensitive skin!  I feel prepared and ready!  So thankful!  Briggs  is starting to whine, push boundaries, and beg for his way.  Discipline has begun!   He's not the best eater these days and I do not know how he has kept his weight on to be honest! He likes to talk and babble a lot! I'm sure you are surprised!  He is surrounded by two very talkative girls all day long! Some newer things he's being saying are "Hi Sissy!" (he love his sissy!) "What is That?" "Thank you," "Mo-Mo" for Elmo (More on Elmo below!), "G-O...Gooooo" over and over loudly! (I don't know how he learned this one!), "Nigh-Nigh" and has said a version of "I Love You" only to Aunt Sheryl, Grammy and his cousin Seth...never to his mommy or daddy!!  He can also say "hi" "ball" and "bye-bye."  And, some of those words only Michael and I know what he is saying but when said it is for sure that!  "What is that?" is one example of such phrases!  About his Elmo obsession...while he was in the hospital we let him watch Elmo videos on You Tube on my phone.  He quickly developed a love for very specific ones.  His favorites are the Will.I.Am, Tilly and the Wall, Bruno Mars and India Arie videos.  Silly Boy!  While in the hospital, if I tried a different video he would start crying and get so upset so I'd replay one of the ones I listed and he'd calm down.  Since then, I've been able to show him others without a fit.  But, anytime he sees my phone he says, "mo-mo" over and over!  He is in 24 month shirts, 18 month pants (his legs are shorter but his torso is long!).  He is in a size 6 shoe but almost out of it!  Big Foot!  He is definitely a mama's boy and my little snuggle bug!  He does love his daddy and wants to play with him but he melts for me! I don't mind so much!  Briggs loves bath time; has never hated it.  I just remember with Piper the bath was a constant struggle.  They are both so different in so many ways!  He love to dance and shake his booty and will if you say, "Briggs dance!"  He will not say "yes" but definitely says "no."  For yes, he shakes his bottom up and down; not his head!  Ha!  I have no clue how that came about!  Briggs can show me his nose, eyes, mouth, ears, and tummy.  He is 'all boy' through and through! I'm so thankful for this little guy.  He has brought so much to our family and we love him so much!!

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