Fun at the Farm!

I had one of the Top 10 days with my kids on the farm this week!  We visited the farm of Jimmy and Debbie Gage who live outside of Okarche on a farm.  Jimmy and Debbie are Mendy's parents.  Back story...Mendy and I knew each other in high school.  She lived in Woodward and graduated one year ahead of me.  I really didn't know her well but in college we lived together for 2 years and continue to be friends and since moving here, it has been so much fun getting to spend time with her and the girls, Renna & Reagan.  Her parents moved away from Woodward and are retiring on the farm! They have goats, chickens, horses, and donkeys.  This was our first time to visit and I definitely want to take the kids back!  They only live 30 minutes away from us!  The mama goats are having babies right now and we got to hold and love on some of the babies! Not only did Debbie fix us a delicious meal, she escorted us all around the farm!  Piper was able to sit on a donkey, gather eggs, and play with the cats; along with run around in the pastures and play with toys in the barn!  Briggs seemed to warm up to the animals as well!  He petted the goats, donkey, and cats!  Both of my kids are getting better about being around animals!  Michael drove out there after work because El Reno is so close!
 Briggs laying his head right next to the baby goat on my lap.
 For those of you who think I'm not much of an animal lover...you are right for the most part, but I do have a soft spot for soft fuzzy baby animals!

 Isn't this the sweetest...three friends holding hands in a field!  Reagan, Piper, Gage

 Gage and Piper hit it off!  Gage is Mendy's nephew.  He and his family also live out on the farm.  She is so boy crazy to begin with but she really had fun with him and he had fun with her!  She wanted Gage to come to a play date we are having later in the week!  Sweet.

 Cute, litte Molly.  Molly's mommy and daddy-Amber & Brandon came out there too!
 Reagan, Molly, Gage, Piper, Renna

 Renna, Gage, Piper, Reagan


 Michael was swinging Briggs around and he had the biggest smile on his face!
 Sweet friends
 Gathering eggs in the chicken coop! (Molly)
 He's looking for the cat...look closely it's on the table!

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