Happy Birthday Hubby!

 This Tax Baby turned 34 yesterday!  After the stressful tornado weekend we had it didn't seem as exciting at first but the day ended quite nice because we hired a sitter and had ourselves a mommy/daddy date!  Ha! We've been having a lot of daddy/daughter, etc dates but nothing for mommy and daddy lately!  We ate some yummy sushi and watched a total guy movie!
 I did bake him a yummy cake...yes, those are whoppers all over the cake.  It was a pinterest inspired cake but not the actual pinterest recipe!  Michael said it was good but I couldn't bring myself to eat it!  Too Much Chocolate--for once!  Crazy I know!
 Saturday night we wanted to have a gourmet type meal because Michael declared it to be his birthweek and because we said it was our 'last meal' if the tornado was going to hit us later that night.  It didn't hit us!  But, the meal itself was delicious.  I am proud to say, I just 'whipped' it up without a recipe!
 On Easter weekend, we celebrated at his mom's house with all the family.  The picture quality is not fabulous obviously but the kids look cute, nonetheless!  Grammy made his favorite cake and served some yummy pizza!

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Kari said...

That last picture of the boys is so funny! Smile, Michael! And Briggs is hilarious with that face!