More Easter & Farm pictures

 The only picture of Piper and me over Easter.  Me with no makeup and her practically naked!
Egg dying time!  We stripped them down to their panties!  They thought it was fun!  And, they got to wear special hats too!  Briggs was napping at the time!

Mendy snapped some photos for us while we were in Clinton and then again at her parents farm.  I happen to have no makeup on in all of them!  And, I can see some age spots!  Gasp!!!!  And, my hair...let's not talk about the sad state of affairs regarding my mop!  I'm in the "Am I going to keep growing this out or chop it?" stage.  Oh well, it's not about me...we are making memories here! The last picture cracks me up of the 4 of us!  If Briggs was looking, it might be a funny Christmas card pic!!  I'm so proud of Piper riding on that donkey!  Tilley, is her name...I think!

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