Wrapping up the month of March!

 During Spring break we got to meet up with Chandra and her girls at a play place in Yukon.  Briggs and Sophia were spending a little moment together on the chairs.  Sophia really likes Briggs but Briggs isn't too fond of her yet.  She is a little to loving for him and he just whines or lays down on the floor to play dead!  So Very Funny!!  She just wants to love on him though!
 We also went to Grandma and Papa's house.  The cousins came too and Grandma baked cookies with them and let them decorate them just how they wanted too.  Just how much frosting can you squeeze on a cookie??

 We went to the park once with the Laughlins.  Briggs and Renna shared a swing!
 This picture makes me laugh!  The neighbor girl left her 3D movie glasses so we had some fun with them.  Doesn't Michael look like a hipster with the glasses and his 'Live United' shirt.  Looks like he's supporting Obama...just kidding!  Although, my friend Kari did say if he grew a real shaggy beard and held up a sign saying "We are the 99%" then he for sure would pass for an Obama supporter! I think he could pass as a pretty cool dude wearing these though!  Btw, it's a United Way shirt...
 And so could Briggs!  Ha!!  He looks like the little old man on the movie Up!  Even though I haven't seen that movie!

 Briggs loves to sit and look at books and pretend to read.  It is one of my favorite things.
 I call this his and hers doll houses!  She has the princess one and he has the farm one!  A nice moment of quiet and peace between the two of them!

And, one more!  We may have a TV watching problem!  Look at him!!

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Kari said...

Briggs is so cute and big!