Some of our March...

 We have done a lot of breathing treatments and had a messy house the majority of the time!  Briggs recovered from RSV but we continued breathing treatments on and off through the month.  We changed pediatricians for various reasons and he was diagnosed with pre-asthma which was not surprising and she started us on singulair for the next 6 months to help keep his allergies under control and keep his lungs clear!

And, we dealt with HIVES!  Lots and lots of hives!  They lasted about 3 weeks.  Poor Briggs, he can't catch a break!
 Blurry pics but these two love each other!  They went to the ice cream shoppe with me for a little date!
 My budding chef in her adorable apron.  She helped me make cinnamon toast one morning!

And, Super Piper in her super hero costume for ballet!  I don't know why they chose a super hero theme since it is all girls but there you have it!  (We borrowed this as you can tell, it's a little small!)

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