Oklahoma Here We Come!

Well, many of you know our latest news but for those of you who do not, this Levy family is moving. Michael has accepted a position with Valero at their Ardmore, Oklahoma refinery and begins August 25th. He has 1 1/2 weeks left at CBI here in Tyler. I have been dying to share this with everyone but have had to keep it under wraps until Michael gave his notice. Michael is very excited for this change and I am too. I know this is something that he needs in order to be stretched and challenged and in turn will be something good for our family. I have been excited about the thought of moving but now that it is a for sure, I'm nervous! Plus, since Piper's birth many people have been so generous to us with their time, encouragement, and resources and I will be sad not to have that for her. I have also begun to make more friends recently and I am a bit bummed that I will not get to see those relationships through in person. But, I do know that the Lord is in this decision and that He will see us through in Ardmore. I'm praying to find a house I love and to meet a close friend soon. Even with all the unknowns, I think I am feeling calm for the most part. We'll see how I feel once packing begins!! Our house was put on the market this past Monday. Hopefully, it will not take long for it to sell so Piper and I can move on. We plan to get an apartment for Michael and she and I will just be going back and forth until our house sells. The MLS # is 9980001. Look it up on realtor.com and send it on to anyone you know who might be interested! It has been a great house for us. I will be a little sad to say goodbye to it! So that's all on that now. I'll be talking about it more in future posts!!

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