Update on the moving process...

*Sigh* That's what I'm doing right now as I keep going on fumes! We went to Ardmore Sun.-today to house hunt and I'm exhausted! It is not easy to look for a house (in the rain, may I add) and stay in a one room hotel w/a baby! How did they do it in the old days when the entire family lived in one room?? Poor little Piper is exhausted too and probably ready to kick her car seat to the curb. Our realtor, Donna, has some kind of patience when she can drive in the rain and concentrate with a screaming (not crying) baby, as well as deal with picky me!!

So, during this trip we hoped to find temporary housing such as an apt., rent house, or extended stay apartment and the quote, unquote perfect house that spoke to my heart. I am a lover of homes and as weird as this may sound, I get little flutters inside when I walk into the home I want to love and take care of...which is how I felt when I first entered my current house! I saw it needed TLC and I wanted to give it some! Ha...I'm sounding weird now, but that is the truth! Anyway, we didn't exactly have enough time to find the temporary housing b/c of time and the baby! And, we didn't exactly find the house that spoke to my heart. I just want to be in an established neighborhood in town and in a bit of an older home but not really old. Something, that we can make our own with a little work. There were not many homes in town in our price range that didn't need tons of work and there were not many homes in town for sale period! So, right now we are trying to decide b/n a brand new house located in the country in a not so established neighborhood w/gravel roads or a house that is being built in a bigger not so established neighborhood, but w/more neighbors than the other house we are considering. The first house is cute, don't get me wrong. I like it. I could see my stuff in it as well as myself but it is in the country. It is, however, in the school district that I prefer the most. The second house is going to be a great/cute house as well. I would really love to be in the building process of it. But, it is in the country too w/gravel roads and in a school district that is not my first choice. I wish I had pics for you to see but I don't! Some of you are thinking...The country would be great! But, this new mommy does not want to be isolated and even though she grew up in the country she is a town girl at heart. There are good and bad to both houses so it's a hard decision. Either way, I know the Lord will provide for us even if it means being in the country. I can do it! We are waiting for things to move along a bit more w/this house in Tyler before doing anything else w/a house there. Michael begins his new job at Valero on Monday. He'll be staying in a hotel while Piper and I stay back this next week then we should know more later in the week of what we'll be doing. Whew! On a really positive note, I am excited about moving to Ardmore. I think, even though it is a smaller town, I will really like the community. They have some pretty cute little shops that I'm excited to explore and the people are friendly. We had a couple overhear that we were moving to Ardmore and they made it a point to come welcome us to Ardmore. Isn't that sweet!


Ame... said...

Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you and wondering how the house hunt went! I will be praying that you all find the perfect home for your family:)

I would really like to get together again before you leave, what day might be good for you?

With Love, Me said...

Shelly~ you're moving?! Oh my goodness. I need details!! when? where the heck is Ardmore? I'll google it. I miss you!