Our Crazy Life!

So much is going on right now in our lives! If it slows down too much, I'm reminded that I get bored very easily so bring on the craziness! I have a list of things to share with you. Let's begin with Piper first b/c this blog is about her, after all!

First off...Piper has discovered how to gurgle! It is so cute. She and Michael have these little gurgling conversations with each other! So Fun! And, she has rolled to one side 3 different times since Monday! Thirdly...Little Miss Sleepy Head has not been a sleepy head the past week and a half. Yes, she is still sleeping through the night but she has been extra fussy during her daytime naps. She takes 3 a day and she's acting as if she wants to drop the 3rd nap already. Everything I have read says that should not happen until 6 months or so. Yes, I know that no baby goes by the book, but I've been enjoying that 3rd nap time! I'm not ready to lose it just yet! And, she hasn't slept through the first 2 naps peacefully either. As a parent, I'm learning that this baby thing is a major guessing game. One that I am not good at! I've gone through the checklist over and over. I am almost certain she isn't sick. It may be that she's for sure teething b/c she's been showing signs of that for some time now. She may not be getting enough to eat, but have you seen the girl? She doesn't look as if she's lacking! Or, it's just a unexplained phase...hopefully, this 'phase' will end soon and we can go back to what seems normal to us! I know you mature moms are probably laughing at me right now, but I feel crazy some days b/c of my cluelessness! (My sister probably feels crazy too b/c I keep calling her to ask questions!) Ok-next thing: I really was stressed out about my milk production for the past few days, but finally today I feel confident that everything is okay and balancing out! I think part of my stress was due to the fact that Piper is not taking a bottle once again so I couldn't supplement when I felt like she wasn't getting enough! Yikes!! I would like to correct this before we move but that is easier said than done! And, the last thing: Piper started cereal today!!! She did great despite her huge sneeze that caused food to fly, her poopy diaper in the middle of eating which was distracting, and her recent love of gurgling! I think she may have liked the cereal, but I have no idea! I'll just be giving it to her once a day for a while! So that's what's going on with Piper. Here are some fun pics to look at!

The picture above has no significance other than I think it's hilarious! Michael snapped this the other day. It reminds me of an old man in his underwear and socks! Oh, I'm such a horrible mother. This may humiliate Piper one day but I could not resist! I will have to look at this picture when I'm worried she's not getting enough to eat!
And, this picture is Piper eating cereal for the 1st time today! Yea baby girl! I'm so proud of you!

Now, for the non-Piper news! We have accepted an offer on our house as of last night. Yes, it only took 8 days!! We will not be able to sign any paperwork until Aug. 25th b/c of Michael's new job and the relocation company situation. The buyer cannot close until Sept. 30th but I have a peace about it and feel confident that it will work out. Please be in prayer that everything closes and wraps up as planned so that we can move on! If something does fall through then I know the Lord will provide another buyer and we will be taken care of!

Let's see...the other news is ... nothing I guess! Except for, how about the Olympics?? I'm getting into them this summer. I'm a Phelps fan all the way! Go Team USA!


Chandra said...

Your so funny! I'm a Phelps Fan Too! We must have an exciting life to be into the Olympic's with all of our Athletic abilities....oh, sorry you do have some, I guess it's just me who is dreaming.

Piper isn't a baby anymore..she looks like a big girl in her picture eating her cereal. Her eyes are so pretty and big. Your the best Mommy!

Love - Aunt Cha Cha

Hannah E. said...

Love the "old man" picture! =)
I haven't taken any silly pictures like that yet of Parker, I don't think. But I need to get on that! I was just looking through some albums and saw so many goofy ones of Jonah. In one of them when he was almost two, he's wearing a Hawaiian grass skirt and a black top hat!