The scoop

Well, here's the latest scoop on this crazy move! (Which could change tomorrow...who knows!!) We didn't find a house that we were completely in love with but we did find a house that is being built that we liked so yesterday we gave an offer but short story, it didn't work out the way we absolutely wanted so we walked away. Now, we will be homeless and in a rental for a while. Michael and I both feel at peace that this is a good thing. Maybe it will help us not feel rushed and to get a better feel for where we'd really like to be in the Ardmore area. I am a little sad that Piper has to spend her first year of life in such a transition state, but at the same time, she's only a baby! I'm sure it won't affect her like it would if she were older! The other negative thing about renting is that all of our furniture and stuff is going to be placed in storage b/c we do not want to move twice. We'll only be taking the bare necessities to the rental. It will feel a bit empty I'm sure!! The movers will be here on Sept. 8 & 9th to get the majority of our furniture and other stuff. I am ready to join Michael there. It has been a hard week emotionally with just me and Piper. It feels so good to have him home for the weekend. Only one more week of this! On a really great note, Michael had a good first week at Valero. It sounds like he is going to like it! Please be in prayer for us right now.

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