Pics of Piper Playing

I took these pictures of Piper this past week while she was playing on her activity gym. Last week in Ardmore she rolled all the way over in her pack and play during the middle of the night. She started crying and that's how I discovered it. She's rolled over one other time and that was two nights ago while we were playing on the floor. She keeps trying but isn't always successful... yet! She also found her thumb a week ago and had been sucking on it all the time until the past few days. It's as if she has lost it or forgot!??! Anyway, those are her little milestones right now!


Chandra said...

Shelly she is so cute! She is starting to look more like you. I can't wait to see her again. I can tell she is teething in one picture. I wonder if she will be a thumb sucker like her friend Lilly. I will be praying for Michael and his new job.


With Love, Me said...

For Pete's sake!!!! Could she be any CUTER?! Miss Piper is adorable and she's growing so fast! I love your blog....the pics are just beautiful.