Getting Together With the Girls!

Yesterday, I came back from my annual girls trip. Every year, 4 of my best friends from college and I get together to spend some quality time together. Sadly, I did not take a lot of pics; only 2! We have never brought our kids along but this year we did; mainly b/c 3 of us just had babies and before it was only Lindsey with a child. We had a 6 mo. old, 3 mo. old, and a 5 wk. old joining us. I think we all agree that it was a bit exhausting and we will look forward to leaving our little ones in the care of others next summer! I'm pooped, but life doesn't slow down! We are taking care of our neighbor's 6 yr. old, Mikenlie, for a few nights. This is Mikenlie below with Piper.
Piper in her bath last night.
From left to right; Piper (3 mo.); Lilly (6 mo.); Kinley (5 wks.) Chandra took some better pics. I look forward to seeing them. They are all in their matching dresses!
This is my friend Julia with Piper. We met our freshmen year in Kerr Drummond dormitory at OSU. She stopped by the mall on Saturday to see our group and our babies. It was her first time to meet Piper.
These are 2 of my girlfriends in the group. Kat on the left and Kari on the right. I didn't get a pic of Lindsey or Chandra. We were standing in line for Sonic drinks. The mall was crazy busy b/c of the Oklahoma tax free weekend. I was a basket case. It was too crowded and hot for me to keep my sanity!!
For those of you who don't know me that well, I get together with this group of girls every year. We made a pact our Sr. year of college that we would do this. We would do just about anything for each other. Every year when we get together it is a time to chill out together, pray for each other, challenge, encourage, laugh, ask the hard questions, etc. It's such a blessing to have girlfriends like this.

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