She's Got the Giggles!

Piper giggled for the first time today! We went to the dr. to rule out whether or not she had an ear infection, which she doesn't! Praise Jesus! While we were there, she giggled at the nurse! There was no question about it! So, I tried and tried to get her to giggle for me...Nothing! Later, Michael was playing with her while I was at a friend's house and she giggled for him. So I tried again later...Still nothing! Then, as I was getting her ready for bed tonight she did it!!! Yea! Michael pulled the video camera out and started filming. Here is a clip. She only giggles one little time in this footage. The rest of it is her babbling and screeching, but there is one little itty bitty giggle. I wish you could have heard the giggles she gave me right before we began filming. They were precious! I know there are much more to come!! I can't wait.

By the way, listen closely for Michael's giggles at the very end!!! Haha!

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