My friend Lilly

Today, we drove to OKC to play with Lilly and Aunt Chandra. Piper is almost 13 mo. and Lilly is almost 16 mo. old. Lilly is walking and running and talking, talking, talking! She is a cutie pie! I'm determined they are going to be friends and get along...they must! Since Piper is still playing on the ground most of the time Lilly gets a little bored with her but she did have fun saying 'Pipah' over and over! So cute! And, I love it when she runs to me to hold her!! :-) We ate lunch at Iguana Grill down in Bricktown and and got cupcakes next door at Sara Sara cupcakes--google it and go! Yummo! Our friend, Mendy, ate with us! It was fun to see her. She is 6 mo. pregnant with twin girls! Twins people! Send your prayers her way! She makes a cute pregnant lady! After a short nap, we took the girls to the park and on a walk. It was a beautiful day and I'm happy to report that the car ride went way better this time. A nap was taken to OKC and back home! Not the entire drive but enough to keep me sane!!
Piper is cracking up in the pic above!


Hannah E. said...

Those are two cute girlies! By the way, that's a great picture of you and Michael on the previous post. Hottie Shelly!! =)

Shelly said...

thanks hannah! i don't know if that's the best pic of michael w/his tongue hanging out but it's fun!!