My little helper loves it when the vacuum cleaner comes out. She chases it around like a little puppy and tries to seize control of it. I snapped a few pic of her today as the motor was running. The loud noise does not scare her away! And, this alien looking device has a funny story! It is one of those back massagers that vibrates. Well, last week while watching a friend's little boy, he found it and was playing with it. He'd turn it on and set it on the floor and the vibration of the machine would cause it to spin on the tile. Somehow after that it got tucked away in Piper's toy basket. Yesterday when she was dumping all her toys out she found this so I turned it on to show her how it can spin around. As soon as I turned it on she started screaming and crawling away like it was going to get her. I died laughing so I tried it again and the same thing happened. She crawled away fast!! So, I put it on the other side of the coffee table so she couldn't see but she knew it was there b/c as we played on the floor she kept trying to peek her head around the coffee table to see it and then she looked at me w/this frightful face and start breathing funny! People--it was hilarious! Then, I threw it up on the chair so she wouldn't see it at all but as she was crawling around, her eye must of caught a glimpse of it b/c she started freaking out again by crying and crawling away from the chair as fast as she could. She'd stop crying every time as long as I hid it from her. I'm telling you I couldn't stop laughing! Call me a mean mom but I was getting a kick out of it! So I had to share...

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