I bet you are jealous that...

I got to see Rick Springfield in concert here in the big town of Ardmore at Heritage Hall (it's a lot like your school auditorium)!!!! haha! Who's Rick Springfield you ask?? Well, for all of you under 40 he sang "Jesse's girl." Oh, now you know who I'm talking about! What else does he sing you ask? I don't know and I even went to his concert! Ha! He did just come out with a new album if you're interested. I would not recommend it though! Michael received free tickets from his company and so we decided it would be fun to go. It was fun and we were glad we didn't pay for the tickets ourselves. And, I'm glad we didn't have to pay for childcare! My friend helped us w/Piper. But, I am REALLY glad that I got to go on a date w/my hubby and be child free for a few hours!

The crazy parents rocking out! I did get up and dance when he played Jesse's girl at the very end of the stinking concert!
And, here's Rick! The middle-age women in the front row were going absolutely nuts over him. It was crazy and hilarious! It was like watching those girls freak out over the Jonas Brothers! Is that how you spell Jonas??

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