Someone's Doing a Little Pulling Up!!

Someone is finally beginning to pull up! But, this task is not easy and takes a few steps to get there.

Step 1: Stick my booty back as far as possible and get a grip on the step stool. Pause to see if Mommy's watching. She is! Now I can continue...
Step 2: Begin bending my knees and bring in the feet a bit...
Step 3: Almost straight up. Whew...this is taking a while. No wonder I like to sit on my duff instead of doing some hard work around here!
Step 4: I did it okay! Do I have to stay standing!!!!????
It literally takes Piper more than a few seconds to pull up to her feet but I'm not complaining b/c at least she's started doing it! She hasn't tried pulling up on the coffee table or sofa yet. I've tried helping her but she cries! Yesterday (5/19/09) she started walking solo pushing her walker! This is huge b/c normally she holds on to the walker and I hold on to her and help her push the walker while she stays stationary, not moving her feet a bit to walk w/the the walker! Does that make sense? Anyway, yesterday she started pushing the walker and walking along with it without me moving it or me holding on to her. I just followed her and she did it! She also started blowing kisses yesterday! So sweet!

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