A Graduation, Recital, & Memorial Day...picture overload!!!

Sorry for all the pics and such a long post but we were a busy family last week! We were in OKC to play w/Lilly on Monday as you all saw in the last post. Then we headed back to OKC for Piper's cousin, Paige's 5th grade graduation on Thursday. On Friday, we went to Dallas to Piper's other cousin, Maggie's ballet recital, and then headed further south that night to Grandma & Grandpa's house on the lake outside of Corsicana, TX for some Memorial Day R&R! Piper has been a trooper, especially in her car seat!!! The bathing beauty playing w/her toys on the concrete. Isn't her suit cute!! She hates the water right now. Let's hope it's just a short, itty bitty phase b/c this will be one sad mama if she can't tolerate the water this summer! (she's even hating baths lately!!)
hanging out on the front porch. See the fake dog...she kept playing with it and smiling really big like it was real!!
And, she smiled big at the real dog too! This is Sandy, her furry aunt! Piper would say "Hi Sandy."
Charlie (the dog), Maggie, Piper, & Aunt Amy playing dolls.

Maggie, Piper, & Jonah being safe in their life vests on the boat. Piper HATED hers!
Funny pic, I thought...no wonder she hates the vest! Look at it...She can't even move! She did fall asleep on my lap while we took a boat ride.
I love this pic.
Maggie & Piper on the front porch.
And, I loved this pic too!
The time on the boat she was allowed to go without her life vest...yes, I know it's not safe but you should have heard the screaming! This pic was taken shortly after we took the vest off. She was loving Daddy for rescuing her!
Great pic of Mags!
Maggie & Piper outside of the ballet recital! Maggie did great and looked so cute in her tutu on stage! Piper loved it! She danced and clapped to the music and was really captivated watching the dancing! She did get bored b/c she has the attention span of a baby after all! Luckily, we were sitting up int he balcony and there was another family with a baby so they got to play together on the stairs!
Note: I did put a bow in her hair without her taking it out for about an hour!!! Isn't it cute!
My little model posing in her swimsuit! Ha!
Happy swimmer...if she isn't in the water! This is Paige's after-graduation pool party at her house for all her girl classmates. Piper had fun watching those big girls play!
Paige & Piper after graduation. It's a little blurry.
We had a great week and weekend! Being at the lake house was relaxing and fun! Thanks for hosting us Grandma & Grandpa!

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