Happenings Around Here

I've taken some pics of Piper doing the thing she does during the day! Here below she looks like she is reading the paper. She has her back leaned up against the fridge!
Piper nervously crying as she pushes her walker!
Drinking milk from a straw sippy cup.
Playing outside. We love to play outside. Her nose is full of snot!
Daddy pushing her on her truck!
Lake Murray. Look how beautiful the setting is! After work one day, Michael and I took Piper to the lake to hike. We arrived much later than we planned so there wasn't much hiking but we did walk to the top of Tucker Tower and looked at the beautiful lake views. Piper had fun !
1st Pigtails!! The look like little antennae! She was picking up a signal tonight...ha!!
Piper turns 13 months tomorrow! It's been a fun month around here! She is pulling up on everything now but isn't really walking along the things she pulls up on. Piper is one that decides when she is ready! No one is going to push her or make her feel rushed. She wants to be secure and confident in her decision before she fully commits! She reminds me a lot of her Daddy!! She has been using the push-walker some but you have to find her in the perfect mood for her to like it. Piper has become more snuggly and cuddly this month. She lets me hold her more and rock her especially before nap time or bedtime. I have really enjoyed this! She is totally drinking out of a sippy cup! It was a really smooth transition for her. She even learned out to sip from a straw this month! She is off of formula and on whole milk but she had some tummy issues so I've been giving her lactose-free milk and soy yogurt. Since then everything has gotten better. I still have been giving regular dairy items other than that like cheese and she has been fine. Piper is talking up a storm but we don't know what she is saying!! The weather has been wonderful so we have been going to the park or going outside a lot to play. It's kind of hard to motivate myself to go to the park some days since we do not know a lot of other kids her age to invite w/us. But, we are trying to meet some!!

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Hannah E. said...

Oh, we love Lake Murray! So pretty.

And Piper has pigtails!! Doesn't it feel like such an accomplishment?! I don't know why. It's not like we have anything to do with how fast their hair grows. Maybe milestone is a better word than accomplishment. Anyway...

Looks like y'all are having fun these days. By the way, I want to see more pictures of your house! I think the tour got cut short. =)