Mother's Day 2009

This Mother's Day we spent the weekend at my parents house in Fargo. Piper actually pulled up onto her feet 4 times on Mother's day! This was her first time to be able to do it!! Here is me, my mom, and Piper after church on Sunday. (& yes, Piper & I are wearing the same outfits we wore on Easter. I always seem to wear the same things when pictures are being taken!) We had a good weekend there, but... the car ride was not that fun!
Piper is in her new car seat and I was really looking forward to it but I should not have! She would not sleep and she screamed a lot of the time going and coming home! I guess she'll just have to break herself in to this new way of traveling!
On another note...Piper had her 12 month well check last week and she is 30 inches long (she grew 10 inches the first year!) and she weighed 20 lbs...i think it was 20, could have been 21-I've already forgotten! We have finally found a new doctor for her that I really like since moving to Ardmore! We did find out she has seasonal allergies in which she needs Zyrtec and some pretty bad gas still! Poor girl has dealt w/that since day 1! I'm the worst about remembering to take medicine so I'm going to have to stay on top of her meds! Piper is still crawling around but has been regularly pulling up to her knees. She can give high fives now and click her tongue--thanks to her Uncle Allen! She really wants every person's attention and will let you know (by yelling) when you are not giving her enough attention! It can be embarrassing at the grocery store! She is also very loud! This is something I am reminded of every time I take her to the YMCA nursery, in case I didn't know!! ;-) This past month has been kind of rough with her fussiness but I'm hoping that the teeth will break through soon, the gas will go away, and the allergies will get better! She is a fun little girl with a whole lot of personality and expressions...she's my little drama queen in the making! I still can't believer Piper is 1!!!

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