We're Back!

Piper and I are finally home! It's good to be back but I don't want to do a thing today! I feel so lazy. My house desperately needs a good cleaning but I've managed to find other things to do today to fill my time including writing on this blog! I just need a friend to come over and motivate me! Any takers?? Haha! No, no I can do it. I just have to get started!

Piper and I had a great time in Oklahoma. The picture below explains how we both feel today...tired!

Piper went to see her Grandma and Papa in the big town of Fargo for the 1st time. She acquired a nickname, thanks to her cousins and Grandma's pepperoni pizza, that Michael and I never even thought of and one that will stick for years to come I'm sure...you may have guessed it by now...Piperoni! That's it. Take Pepperoni Pizza and Piper and you've got Piperoni, folks!

Below is Piper's great-great Uncle Iven and Aunt Eloise. They are very sweet! Piper also was able to meet a few other locals while we were there!

This is my niece, Anna, with Piper. Look closely...she has a mischievous look in her eye! Anna helped me a lot with Piper as did all the other kiddos!

This is Grandma Judy and Papa with Piper. This isn't the best angle for Piper. She looks like a stuffed doll! haha! Grandma Judy and Piper
Uncle Allen (my brother) and Piper
Grandma Judy with Piper and my niece Olivia. Notice Olivia is holding Grandma's neck...she likes to rub people's neck and suck her thumb since her mom (my sister) took away her blankie! She's cute! Her 3rd birthday is this Friday!
Lilly and Piper. The beginning of our trip began at the Roush's home. We had a great time hanging out over the weekend. The girls were on their best behavior for us!
Grammy came to visit us at my sister's home one day while we were there. My sister's kids got to spend time with Piper's Grammy. Olivia started calling Grandma Judy "Grammy," instead, after spending time with her that day.
The week went by so fast! After staying at the Roush's home in OKC, I went to my sister, Sheryl's house for the week and one night at my parent's house. We were busy going and going because my sister has 4 kids and 3 of them are in different sporting activities 4 days a week! We managed to get a little down time at the pool. It's always fun to hang out with my sister because it is so comfortable! My friend, Mendy, from college came over one night to see us. It was fun getting to chat with her. On Sunday, Piper and I flew to Dallas since we did not have a car and Michael picked us up. Piper did so great on her first flight. I would do it again in a heartbeat! I wish I would have documented it with a picture but forgot! I did feel like a total mom on the flight...I had to nurse Piper as we were taking off to help with the air pressure in her ears and yes, I was stuck sitting next to a "football player" sized man! I think he was the biggest person on the plane and there was no wiggle room whatsoever! I managed to do it w/out exposing anything and he politely kept his headphones on and his eyes closed! For once in my life, I was glad to be sitting next to an "unfriendly" person! Times like that make me feel like modesty is overrated!

Thank you Aunt Sheryl for inviting us over. We had a great time!

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Ame... said...

Sounds like you had a fun week! It is so fun to visit family and have them love on your little bundle!