My Baby Is Getting Big!

My baby is growing so fast! I want it to slow down! I don't know her height and weight currently but I can feel and see a difference in her! I dropped a feeding this past week as mentioned in an earlier post and she adjusted perfectly. I don't even think she noticed the change! Feeding her every 4 hours now has been so nice! I'm beginning to feel caught up on all my sleep and I even have a lot of motivation to tackle projects!! She turns 3 months old on Wednesday! I decided to look at some of her newborn pics and compare them to her presently. Oh my...what a difference!

Below is Piper last week after her bath. Notice her chubby rolls on the chin and arms and torso!
And, this below is Piper after her very first bath at home! She looks like a different baby!!
This morning after Piper finished eating I decided she and I would play dress up to see what clothes in her closet fit now because last night I noticed that every onesie I dressed her in for bed was too short all of a sudden! Isn't that funny how it just happens like that (snap your fingers!). She is in 3-6 months clothes and some 6 month only clothes! I think some of the items she has will not be worn because they are winter time clothes and it doesn't look like it will be cooling off anytime soon! I am so thankful for hand me downs because this size range she is wearing now is mainly clothing different family members passed down to me, not new things. I decided to capture the moment of our dress up time below! Isn't she adorable??!!
This smocked dress was worn by my sister's girls at some point. I LOVE smocked dresses! This is actually a 6 month size but it is loose on Piper and will be worn during the remainder of the hot season...I think.
One other random bit...We are currently, as I type these words, getting a new roof. We didn't know what day exactly that they would be working, but they just showed up in our front yard this morning around 6:30! Anyway, the noise is loud and things on my wall are shaking but my baby is taking her nap like a champ! It's funny too, because last night Michael and I were talking about the fact that it is a good thing Piper is learning to sleep through noise (she doesn't sleep through it every time, though) because we don't want to have to tiptoe around and because she wouldn't be able to survive my side of the family! We are loud people!!


Ame... said...

They do grow up sooo fast! Good thing we have tons of pictures to remeber:) She looks so pretty in her pink dress! I love smocked clothes too!

Anonymous said...

Read your last blog and it made me laugh because I have a new addiction. I have been buying smocked boutique outfits for my little boy off ebay all under $10 because I love the smocking too! I can't control myself. "J.R." now has a whole wardrobe and Clint is going to freak when he finds out because he will think they are too girly.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot to sign my name, but it's Melanie!

Hannah E. said...

Yes, smocked dresses might be my favorite part of having a girl!

Hope you've had a fun trip and girls' weekend!