Bottle Boot Camp

When Piper was only a few weeks old, I supplemented some frozen milk at the end of a feeding and she drank from a bottle then but it was only an ounce and she didn't really catch on the sucking thing that time. I would squeeze it and she'd swallow. It was a big mess and not successful in my books. I even left a bottle with a few different people who watched her but didn't think she'd take it so I'd come back before it was feeding time. I've tried on and off to get her to take a bottle and she would cry, scream and fuss until I'd give up! Needless to say, it was a little tough for me! So, yesterday I asked my sweet neighbor to come over and help me. She sat in Piper's room and fed her a bottle while I stayed away. Piper fussed for a few minutes but finally got the hang of it and then at her last feeding of the day she took a bottle again from me!! It does seem to take forever for her to drink from a bottle b/c she is fairly quick at nursing, but this is a big accomplishment for Piper!! In the back of my mind, I've been thinking that Michael and I would never be able to leave her with anyone for longer than a few hours, but I think we're good to go...not that we have any plans; I'm just the type of person that likes to know that the "if''s" are taken care of! (Not that I have much control over the 'if's!") Now, I plan just to give her a bottle more often, like every few days, in order for her to be used to it!

This is Piper drinking from a bottle on Mommy's lap.
Tonight, Michael and I leave for Oklahoma! We are going to be staying with our friends, The Roush's, in OKC and then Piper and I are going to be staying at Aunt Sheryl's for the remainder of the week and flying home! Say a prayer for us! Grammy's coming to see us one day and later in the week, we are going with all of Piper's cousins, to see Grandma and Papa.

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