3 Months and Cheap Cheesecake!

Weird title, huh?? Well let me explain! Piper is 3 months old today and I'll come back to that! But as for the cheesecake, all of you out there who read this today...I heard on The View (I hate this show by the way!) that today only-July 30th--CHEESECAKE FACTORY IS SELLING THEIR CHEESECAKE FOR $1.50 A SLICE--today only! It's to celebrate their 30th anniversary. I am so sad to say that I do not get to take part in the celebration b/c good ol' Tyler does not have a CF and will not be getting one anytime soon. So for all of you who do have one, go celebrate for me and eat a big, rich fattening piece for me!
Now, about my cutie pie...
Piper is 3 months old!!!
Isn't she so cute! Michael's cousin, Kristin and her daughter, Paige, gave us this adorable outfit at my Clinton shower and I'm so excited it fits now. Aunt Cha Cha gave us the shoes! I thought that the outfit was definitely worthy of her 3 month milestone!!
I love being Piper's mom!

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Ame... said...

Ok...I am really wishing we could go to the CF and eat a piece! That is the only place my hubby will eat dessert out and we love their Adam's Peanut Butter Fudge Ripple :) To bad there is not one close by:( Then again my "behind" is glad there is not!

Piper looks adorable in her girly outfit...3 months came fast!