She's Growing!

Piper had her 2 month well check yesterday as well as her 2 month vaccinations. She is 24 inches long (95th %tile) and she weighs 11 lbs. 14 oz. (75th %ile). My baby is 2 feet tall now! She's well on her way of meeting the height requirements for roller coasters! Receiving the vaccines was so sad. She screamed and cried and it made my eyes well up with tears. I hated the experience. Later in the evening, she acted as if she was in a little bit of pain and she started to get fussy. That mild fussiness turned in to full out screaming for 45 minutes straight! 45 minutes is not long you're thinking...it was only 45 minutes long b/c we finally gave her colic tablets and put her in a warm bath which made her stop. We left her in the bath for close to 30 minutes until it was time to eat b/c she was happy in there! She slept so good after that! I put her in bed at 9:30 pm and she slept until 5:45 am! The 2 nights previous she has woken up b/n 4 and 4:30 but hopefully now we are back on track! This morning, Piper has a happy disposition and seems to be back to her old self!

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Hannah E. said...

Forgot to tell you...I LOVED those pictures you had made.
Got your text message today, and don't worry about it. We'll get it done sometime. I just appreciate that you are willing to help me! Hope y'all had a fun 4th at the lake.
Hope you're sleeping all night every night!