Our 4th of July Weekend!

We have had a great holiday weekend! I love playing out in the sun. We went to the lake on Friday. Michael's brother Matt and his family were there too so I was able to hang out w/my sister-in-law, Amy and her kids Maggie and Jonah. I didn't get any pics w/the kids but Amy did. I'll have to post it when she emails me. Michael and I are sore from being tossed around in the tube at the lake, but it was worth it. Plus, I'm starting to get a nice tan so that makes me extra happy! We didn't get to see a big fireworks display but Michael and his brother and our nephew got to shoot off some fireworks...If anyone knows Michael very well at all, you know that he is in love w/lighting things on fire!

Piper seemed to have a good time as well, but she was worn out! She slept hard every night! Here are some pics of her over the weekend!

She looks like a bug here!
Happy in her shades...
Grandma Levy and Piper at the lake Happy 4th of July!! Below is Piper's 1st time in a pool where she liked it! Our friends, Jon and Brittany invited us to join them. Piper did pretty good considering and don't worry--I didn't have her in the sun that much and she had her sunscreen on. She slept some and Brittany and I took turns holding her. While we were there, I ran into one of my old coworkers from about 3 years ago! Small world!
And, a few other random things on my mind...First of all, I've been wanting to recommend a few good movies we've seen lately! Yes, I've been able to finish movies at home for all of you who told me that I'd never be able to finish a movie ever again once I had kids!!! Go and rent P.S. I Love You, Fracture, and The Great Debaters! Those have been some good picks for us this summer! And, the second thing is...I never realized how badly I'd miss taking my long Sunday afternoon naps once I had a baby! That was one of my favorite Sunday afternoon rituals. I could come home from church and crash for 4 hours into the deepest sleep ever. I'd wake up feeling like I'd been in a coma! To only sleep for an hour and a half on a Sunday afternoon now doesn't quite give me the same affect! Ahhh, maybe some day...However, Piper's worth it!

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Ame... said...

She is sooo adorable! Love the pics with her sunglasses on! Looks like you had a great time!