5 months!

Briggs turned 5 months on March 15th. Where has the time gone? Isn't he big?? He's doing so much; Eating his 3 meals, rolling over, playing with toys, being very vocal, teething...Actually, his first tooth has broken through but then his gums have become so swollen that and the tooth went back in so I'm waiting for it to truly break through the skin. He's handling it like a champ! His two favorite toys are the jumperoo and the activity mat but he's pretty content wherever. He's not too fond of the bouncy seat anymore b/c he's a bit big for it now. I'm guessing he weighs 20 or 21 pounds! He loves his sister and squeals with delight when she is being silly with him. He pretty much loves anyone right now! Briggs is full of smiles most of the time. His schedule is all messed up b/c we have been pretty busy so his napping isn't consistent right now but he is sleeping 10-11 hours a night! He doesn't like to travel in his car seat for long distances but I'm learning the best time of the day to travel with him. He loves being on his belly and is pushing up with his arms. He lights up when I sing to him. Oh, I love this little man so much! Next month, he'll be 6 months old, Michael will be turning 33 and Piper will be turning 3! We are going to have a lot going on around here!

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