Look what have been doing!

We are staying extra busy, trying not to go crazy during this turn-around! Ugh! I'm ready for Michael to be home at night and on the weekends with us! However, his first day off was last Friday night and we hired a sitter for the very first time!! I went to a wedding and he got the kids bathed and dressed for bed! Then after they went to bed the sitter came and we got to go out to eat and to a movie! It was fun. Now, we are looking forward to his next day off which should be in about a 10 days!Daddy loving on little man!
This past Saturday I took Piper on a little field trip with our OPAT (Oklahoma Parents As Teachers) group to the fire station. She liked it a lot! I was so proud of her for not being a afraid of the big trucks and loud noises!

My friend Kristen and I are starting to do 'school' with our girls once a week. We started this week with the letter E and the number 1. Claire knows all her letters pretty much and Piper is just now learning hers. We read "Ella the elegant elephant" and I made these elephant trunks and ears for them to dress up in and they were necklaces to be "elegant!" (Dollar tree did not have grey felt so that is why they are white and red!) I also made scrambled eggs as part of our lunch and we exercised! The school stuff only lasted 30-45 minutes and the girls played the rest of the time! They had a lot of fun!

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Kari said...

What a great idea to do school with Piper and a friend! I want to do that someday...how about you move here and we'll do it together! :)