Grammy & Papa John came for a last minute visit on Sat/Sunday. They were here for about 24 hours and then went home. It was nice to see them and Piper said, "Don't go!" Ha!

I loved the kid's outfits on Sunday so I'm showing them off! Chandra got Briggs this sweater vest and I love it. It is 12-18 months and I think he'll be able to wear it for Easter too! Yay!
Piper has her backpack on in this pic b/c we were about to leave for 'Big' church on Sunday night. It was her 2nd time to sit in service and she did great. I talked to her about whispering to us and not talking, etc. She kept saying on the way there, "I will whisper okay?!" Luckily, for her, it was the kids musical that night so she got to listen to music most of the time, which we all know she loves!
She was really into it...See this serious face! That is her picking at her lip, which has become a really bad habit of hers. I don't know how to break it. She's also started biting her nails to the nubbins...not good! She cracked us up at one point because we let her stand up and she did this real quick booty shake that was straight off of a J-Lo music video or something. Michael and I were trying to contain our laughter but it was hard! I don't know where she gets her moves but it's not from us!
Daddy surprised her with ice cream at Braum's for being so good during church and she hasn't gone a day without telling someone, "I was good at big church so I got ice cream!" Makes me smile! The Lord has really been showing me some great lessons lately with Piper. I can get really frustrated with her constant disobedience in a certain area and be thinking to myself, "Why does she keep doing that? How many times do I need to go over this? etc., etc. and then the Lord so gently whispers, "Shelly, how is that any different than what you are doing to me in this area (fill in the blank). Ohhhhh, (big sigh) He gives us children to teach us so many lessons and allows us an itty bitty glance into what our sin does to Him. I've got a lot to learn and a long way to go! But, praise Jesus that I don't have to carry that burden on my own!

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MelanieJ781 said...

Love the sweater vest. I have this crazy ability to remember what people were wearing the first time I met them. When I first met Mike he was wearing a sweater vest with just a t-shirt under it. It was to the OKC brewery. For some reason that stuck in my head and now Briggs is bringing it back. Ha!