My Little Pups!

We went to a birthday party last month for a one year friend and it was a Puppy Party! That is Piper and her friend Connor dancing to the music that accompanied a short picture slide show of the birthday boy. They were hilarious to watch b/c they were definitely grooving! My friend made these adorable puppy ears for all the kids to take home. Isn't she creative!! Piper loves her ears! She had so much fun at this party b/c she got to help the birthday boy open his presents. I had to remind her as she was getting started that the toys were not for her to take home; they were his toys and she was only helping! Don't my kids look so cute! Piper Poodle and Boxer Briggs is what I call these 2 photos! Sommer Maytubby took all the pictures at the birthday party. She is the same photographer who took our family pictures after Briggs was born. I think Briggs' blue eyes are so beautiful in the photo!
And, the party ended with a sleepy little guy! I love pictures of sleeping babies, especially mine!

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Eric and Lar Holquin said...

briggs is getting so big!! and piper is adorable:) love looking at pics of your kiddos!! so precious...have a great wknd friend!!