Catching Up!

Our life continues to be crazy...can't you tell?? (I'm writing this after we had to deal w/a few flames in our oven tonight!! Crazy is just the beginning!)
We are enjoying our last few days of 'normal' around here. At the refinery where Michael works they have a scheduled Turnaround, which means that some of the units, if not all, are shut down and maintained. This particular turnaround is a long one....40 days give or take! So, Michael has the night shift and he'll be starting that later this week. He'll work 6 pm-6 am everyday 7 days a week. He'll get one night off after 14 or 15 days and then does that again for another 14 or 15 days straight. The good news is that he'll wake up in the afternoon around 2-3 pm so we'll get to see him in the middle of the day each day instead of at 6 pm. But, 40 days is a long time and he won't have the weekends off. Pray for us during this time if you think of it! Piper does not like it when her daddy is not here at bedtime...and neither does mama!
Briggs tried the swing outside for the first time last week. The occasion did not seem to phase him! He's soooo laid back!
He does love his sissy! Do you see that grin below as he looks at her. He lights up like that any time she gives him attention or even when she talks in his general direction! They both love each other a lot!
Piper is into "toe jamming" now. Gross I know! But, remember I'm documenting the 'memories'!!
Briggs can sit in the bumbo chair now. He always seems to find his feet while sitting in this chair! Piper's thighs can fit in this thing better than his!! Ha!
Daddy went skiing a couple of weeks ago in Angel Fire and brought Piper and I t-shirts back home.
Piper is now up to 30 lbs. She's gained 2 in the last month! She's eating like a horse and loves her meat most days! At Briggs' 4month checkup he weighed 19 lbs even! It is getting challenging lugging him around!

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