Children's Museum

Last week was Oklahoma's Spring Break so all of our regularly scheduled activities were cancelled. My sister invited us to join her and her two youngest at the Children's Museum in Seminole. Basically, it is a big warehouse sized building with tons of centers to play at and a whole lot of outdoor stuff as well, including a train ride. It was cooooool! And, I want to go again and again! Piper had a blast and Briggs was so content hanging out. There were a lot of kids b/c of Spring Break but we still enjoyed it!They had self face painting.
A real fire truck along w/the dress up uniform!
A surgery center complete with operating room attire!
Can't resist a sleeping baby photo!
My favorite center...the mechanic shop! So cool! This is Anna, my 9 year niece!
A news anchor desk. You could see yourself on the television screen.
Me going crazy...not really...just me being silly!
A dentist office!
Piper's snack break and one of the few smiles on camera I could capture!
Mechanic Piper!
My 5 year niece, Olivia, ringing up groceries at the "Homeland." It was the most popular center!
Piper posing with her veggies she is going to purchase!
The employ helping Piper type her name in Braille. Cool, huh!
Briggs just hanging out.
My sister, Sheryl and her two girls.
Like I mentioned, we had a blast. They had so many activities that I didn't even photograph like a mock courtroom, building block center, a real airplane cockpit that the kids could pretend to be a pilot, bubble blowing room with life size bubbles, jungle gym, a real ambulance, and even a classroom that you could pretend to be a teacher or a student, etc, etc! So fun!

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